Tarmac Ready Mix Screed

Tarmac ready-to-use sand cement levelling screeds are correctly proportioned factory produced levelling screeds for flooring and roofing applications. Available from batching plants situated throughout mainland United Kingdom, Tarmac screeds normally contain a retarding admixture in order to remain workable for 8 – 12 hours.

Tarmac ready-to-use sand cement factory produced screed materials conform to the requirements of BS EN 13813. Tarmac ready-to-use sand cement screeds are thoroughly mixed accurately controlled blends of well-graded fine aggregate (sand) conforming to BS EN 12620/BS EN 13139, Portland cement conforming to BS EN 197-1, limestone fines for use with Portland cement conforming to BS 7979, retarding/water-reducing admixture conforming to BS EN 934-2/3 giving the optimum working time, normally usable for 8 – 12 hours from the time of mixing with water conforming to BS EN 1008, to give the optimum semi-dry consistency for easy laying and thorough compaction.

Product Compatibility

Suitable for underfloor heating systems
Bonded to concrete ground floor slabs
Installed to insulation boards
Precast concrete units or beams
Ideal for use with all common floor finishes
High traffic areas, high resistance to site traffic
Swimming pools, wet areas


Factory mixed, batched and delivered to site
Computer controlled
Accurate dispersion of materials
Better cement proportioning
Conforms to BS EN 13813
Improved compaction properties

Installed to 16N/mm2, 20N/mm2 and 30N/mm2 after 28 days dependent upon type and with the addition of polypropylene fibres within the screed mix which comes as standard in all our screeds a three-dimensional system of secondary crack control reinforcement can be considered as a cost effective alternative to steel wire fabric traditionally introduced for this purpose.

Walkable in as little as 24 hours dependent upon type. High humidity or low ambient temperatures can delay the drying out process, we ensure the correct floor screed type is specified at quotation stage.

Delivered in tipper wagons or via bulk bags for smaller applications or access restrictive projects. Tarmac screeds can be delivered in a wide range of methods overcoming difficulties often experienced on building sites.

16 / 20 / 25 / 30N/mm2 compressive strength following 28 days. Tarmac screeds characteristics can include significantly reduced drying times improving final floor finish installation time frames.