Quick Drying Screed

Our best selling product, quick drying screeds are strong, high-quality floor screeds ideal for all common floor finishes and compatible with all wet underfloor heating systems. Our quick-drying screeds are available in various compressive strengths and are usable with polypropylene fibre reinforcement. Either factory produced off-site at dedicated batching plants or site mixed we provide coverage to the majority of sites nationwide.

By fulfilling higher early strength requirements due to faster drying times we are able to specify a site appropriate floor screed in keeping with programme requirements/ deadlines and installation timing of all common final floor finishes.

With installation capacity across the UK, our sand and cement floor screeds are either computer proportioned factory-produced or mixed directly in situ on site. Carrying the operational expertise to undertake both disciplines ultimately enables us to overcome detailed specification requirements and offer our customers a one-stop facility.

Product Compatibility

Suitable for underfloor heating systems
Directly to concrete ground floor slabs
Installed to insulation boards
Used with precast concrete units or beams
To acoustic insulation systems


Reduced drying times for floor finish application
Quick early strength development
Good resistance to construction traffic
Compatible with all floor finishes
Higher compressive strength

Polypropylene fibres help to achieve a more cohesive screeding material – ultimately reducing the risk of early shrinkage and cracking. By incorporating fibres within the mix a three-dimensional system of secondary crack control reinforcement can be considered as a cost-effective alternative to steel wire fabric traditionally introduced for this purpose.

Allowing approximately 5 – 7 days per 25mm of screed thickness. We have a thorough process is in place to ascertain individual project requirements and by correctly specifying a site appropriate floor screed great care is taken by us so as not to delay the ultimate delivery of a project. High humidity or low ambient temperatures can delay the drying out process, we ensure the correct floor screed type is specified at quotation stage.

Ready-mixed bulk loads in tipper road trucks generally up to 10-20 tonnes. For smaller deliveries or to suit specific access requirements, screed deliveries can also be supplied in bulk bags.

Site mixed sand loads are delivered in tipper wagons or via bulk bags for smaller applications. Cement deliveries where possible are despatched to site via moffett wagon allowing cement to be easily positioned at mixing areas with minimal disruption to the site.

Quick-drying screed characteristic’s include significantly reduced drying times improving final floor finish installation time frames. Quicker early strength development and greater final strength.