Isocrete Liquid K Screed

Flowcrete’s award-winning Isocrete K Screed range has been a market leader in the UK for over 50 years, delivering a combination of high strength, rapid installation, excellent moisture control enabling earlier application of final floor coverings.

An Isocrete K Screed licensee we are proud to be part of a limited number of exclusively selected applicators authorised to install the Isocrete K Screed range of products. With the introduction of Isocrete Flowing K Sceed we are licenced to deliver the latest technology in liquid floor screeds.

Carrying a 10-year manufacturer warranty we can install up to 500m2 per day at a nominal 50mm thickness with foot traffic in just 24 – 48 hours. Installing throughout the United Kingdom, Isocrete K Screed liquid screeds incorporate proprietary additives and graded sand as well as the innovative liquid Isocrete K Screed binder.

Where can Iscocrete Liquid K Screed be used?

Suitable for underfloor heating systems
Directly to concrete ground floor slabs
Installed to insulation boards
Used with precast concrete units or beams
To acoustic insulation systems

Compressive strength after 28 days 25-30N/mm2. High strength and excellent resistance to construction traffic. Incorporating polypropylene fibres helping achieve a more cohesive screeding material – ultimately reducing the risk of early shrinkage and cracking.

Typically 14 – 21 days drying time. If the screed is extremely thick, or the concrete base has excessive moisture content drying times may be affected. High humidity or low ambient temperatures can delay the drying out process, we ensure the correct floor screed type is specified at quotation stage.

Delivered in ready mixed concrete tumble wagons or bagged for smaller applications. Offering rapid installation capabilities, we can install up to 500m2 per day at nominal 50mm and foot traffic in 24 – 48 hours. Consideration must be taken for preparation/tanking beforehand.

Protein and laitance free and will not harbor bacteria with no mechanical abrasion required before application of final floor finishes. Isocrete Flowing K Screed’s characteristics include significantly reduced drying times improving final floor finish installation time frames together with quicker early strength development and final compressive strength.