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Interior Screed Ltd are a nationwide contractor installing floor screeds into large and small-scale residential properties throughout the UK. Our small works team install screeding ranging from 5m2 to 500m2 into domestic new builds, housing extensions and property refurbishments.

Normally when screed is to be installed into garages a contractor will opt for structural concrete however sand cement floor screed can be used in certain circumstances.

New Build Properties

A garage floor screed that is going to take extensive load such as a vehicle will always need a structural substrate. A structural concrete floor will provide that requirement however we do have a range of garage floor screeds which are ultra-rapid drying and can be used (in conjunction with a floor covering) in domestic residential garages. Ultimately the surface needs to be a wearing surface, if no floor coverings are to be laid we normally install a C40 screed with a wearing topping coat to protect the screed from abrasion and impact.

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Level or Overlay Existing Concrete

Often garage floor screed installed by housebuilders has failed as the material is open to the elements/extreme weather conditions when installed. Therefore, the garage floor screed needs a remedy/overlay, perhaps to level out or repair.

Cracks should be repaired before the installation of a levelling/hard wearing compound is laid, a two-part epoxy resin should be suitable for crack repair.

Alternatively, a sealant may be and applied to the concrete. The substrate should be clean, dry, no contamination, and sound condition before application. Please enquire for details.

Change Of Use | Garage to Living Accommodation

Should the eventual use of the garage be changed to living accommodation, with perhaps underfloor heating then an appropriate type of thermal insulation and damp-proof membrane must be used.

  • Tarmac Tuff Screed – sand cement screed | standard drying | 1mm per day
  • Tarmac Tru Screed – sand cement screed | quick drying | 4mm per day
  • Tarmac Ultra Pro – sand cement screed | rapid drying | 11mm per day
  • Retanol Xtreme – sand cement screed | ultra-rapid drying | 11mm per day
Should you need any advice on the best garage floor screed or if you have any questions generally, please reach out to us.