A cement sand or fine concrete levelling screed can be applied to a prepared concrete slab as a levelling layer, as an alternative to direct finishing of the base slab, provided that the levelling screed has the required load bearing capacity.

The appropriate category of in situ crushing resistance for the levelling screed should be selected and specified according to the floor covering thickness and floor usage. A levelling screed should not be used on its own as a wearing surface.

NOTE – The mix proportion or compressive strength of levelling screeds to meet the ISCR requirements.

The surface of the levelling screed should be finished according to the type of wearing surface or flooring that is to be laid. For mastic asphalt, wood block and strip, and some textile floor coverings, a wood float finish should be used, while thin sheet and tile floor coverings usually require a smoother, steel trowelled surface. If a designer specifies the use of a thin sheet or a tile floor, then the use of a smoothing compound should be specified in certain circumstances.

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