It is essential that the designer/client provides in good time all relevant information to those responsible for laying the concrete base and/or cement sand levelling screed and to others whose work might be affected, including whichever of the following are applicable:

  • Description, situation and address of site and means of access;
  • Those conditions of contract that might practically affect this particular work;
  • Degree of weather protection afforded by the structure;
  • Location and areas of floors to be covered;
  • Age and nature of the base and any preparatory treatment required;
  • Type of flooring to be laid;
  • Specifications for the base and screed;
  • Class of concrete for the proposed base;
  • Number of layers;
  • The thickness of floor and flooring;
  • Finished floor level and maximum permissible departure from datum;
  • Class of surface regularity of base or levelling screed;
  • Type of damp-proofing and insulation;
  • Type and thickness of levelling screed;
  • Category of in situ crushing resistance (soundness) required;
  • Any work consequent upon services passing through the floor;
  • Treatment of joints;
  • Treatment of skirtings;
  • Treatment of junctions with adjacent floors and floorings;
  • Type of surface finish of base or levelling screed;
  • Any requirement for a smoothing compound;
  • Any special requirements related to underfloor heating;
  • Minimum time intervals between stages of work and the application of heat in the building;
  • Date for the completion of preliminary work;
  • Dates for the start and completion of various sections of the floor;
  • Details of any compliance testing required;
  • Any other requirements for materials, design or work on-site;

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