Floor Usage Category

Heavy – Areas expected to take very heavy foot traffic and/or heavy trolleys, or where any breakdown of the screed would be unacceptable: for example, hospital operating theatres, X-ray rooms, main hospital corridors and rooms where radioactive material is handled.

Medium – Areas expected to take heavy foot traffic and/or medium weight trolleys: for example, public areas, corridors, main lift and lobby areas, canteens and restaurants, public rooms in residential accommodation, classrooms, hospital wards and offices.

Light – Other areas subjected to foot traffic and light trolleys: for example, light office use, consulting rooms and domestic housing.

Floor Covering thickness

Thick – 20 mm to 25 mm timber block flooring, 16 mm ceramic tiles, 20 mm natural stone or 28 mm terrazzo tiles.

Medium – Adhesive bedded 9 mm ceramic tiles.

Thin – Thermoplastic sheet/tiles

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