Narrow strips of screed material, laid and compacted to finished level, should be used to establish the level of the screed. Immediately after laying the strips, the infilling screed material should be placed and compacted. Where the edge of a strip forms a daywork joint it should be formed or cut to produce a vertical joint. Alternatively, screed battens, carefully levelled and trued, should be fixed at the correct height for the required thickness of screed. Battens should be removed before laying the adjacent bay of screed. At daywork joints all bedding screed beneath the battens should be cut away to form a vertical joint.

The screed material should be spread on the prepared base with adequate surcharge, thoroughly compacted, either by heavy tamping or by mechanical means, and levelled with a screed board.

In order to facilitate the compaction of thicker cement sand levelling screeds, i.e. over 50 mm thickness, the screed may be laid in two layers. Both layers should be of approximately equal thickness and the same constituent material proportions and water content. To ensure satisfactory adhesion, the surface of the compacted lower layer should be lightly roughened by raking before adding the second layer. Where reinforcement is used it should be placed in about the middle third of the thickness of the screed. This can only be achieved if the thickness of the reinforcement is correctly chosen in relation to the thickness of the screed so that the total thickness of the steel fabric at the overlaps can fit into the middle third of the screed depth. This can be achieved by laying the screed to about half its thickness, compacting it, lightly roughening the surface with a rake, laying the reinforcement on the compacted layer and then immediately placing and compacting the upper layer.

Where a levelling screed is laid on a compressible insulation layer, extra attention should be given to ensure adequate compaction, e.g. by the use of a slightly wetter mixed screed material.

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