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When looking for a quick floor screeding solution on your project look no further than Interior Screed Ltd.

We have large a range of fast drying floor screeding products all designed to help speed your construction project forward. We have a large number of quick drying floor screeding systems which have been developed to fulfil the need for quick drying high-performance floor screeding systems.

We can accelerate your traditional floor screeding significantly reducing the drying times to accept final flooring. Installing either fast / quick or rapid floor screeding systems that provide better working properties providing easier and more reliable compaction of the floor screed.

Quick floor screeding or fast floor screeding provide earlier strength development reducing drying shrinkage resulting from a low water/cement ratio. Our fast floor screeding provide a good resistance to construction traffic and dusting as quick drying floor screeding achieve greater final strength.

Fibres are provided within all our fast or quick floor screeding systems. We pride ourselves on installing consistent, quality quick / fast drying floor screeding systems and floor screeding materials with accurate proportions.

Interior Screed’s quick, fast and rapid floor screeding are installed to conform to the recommendations of Codes of Practice BS8000: Part 0/9 and BS 8204:Part 1.

Our speed screed fast drying floor screeding systems are suitable for use on the following bases:
Directly on contract with the slab (bonded)
Suitable with a DPM
Over Insulation, layer to isolate the speed screed from the base
Precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement
In-situ suspended floors

Our quick drying or fast speed screed screeding systems should be tipped on to a clean banker board or polythene layer. When applying a speed screed or high speeds the sub base concrete must be clean and in particular free from lime, gypsum, plaster, dust, dirt, oil or grease. The base concrete should be swept to remove all loose material and wetted with clean water or SBR Bonding Agent. A fast quick or speed screed normally requires either an SBR Bonding agent or cement slurry brushed onto the concrete surface before quick of high-speed floor screeding takes place.

Fast floor screeding/quick floor screeding or speed screed material should be spread on the prepared base with adequate surcharge. It is important to compact the fast floor screeding thoroughly and evenly over the whole speed screed area, either by tamping or by mechanical means and the level the quick floor screeding using smoothing boards.

For such a finish, the speed screed or fast floor screeding should be allowed to stiffen slightly and then worked with the screed trowel, which will make a ringing sound when correct screeding action if being used. Excessive trowelling to the quick floor screeding should be avoided as this brings a layer of cement laitance to the surface of the speed screed or fast drying floor screeding.

We supply floor screeding systems including SBR floor screed or polymer modified floor screed, the particular floor screed includes a synthetic polymer resin to give increased toughness and bond properties. Shrinkage and cracking are minimised, permeability is reduced and flexural strength is improved. This floor screed provides high performance speed screed at thinner sections, ideal when normal thickness cannot be achieved.

We also provide a range of specialist bagged fast drying floor screeding systems. Our advanced range of high quality pre blended specialist floor screeds and binders are suitable for accelerating your fast floor screeding or quick floor screeding into a range of applications. Ideal for site mixing your speed screed and for pumping and applying by hand.

Our fast drying floor screeding systems provide quicker strength development and greater final strength, good resistance to construction traffic and dusting. Quicker drying or fast drying floor screeding allows accessible site traffic within 24 hours and floor coverings can be laid in as little as 7 days or in some cases 24 hours.

Your fast drying floor screeding ready mixed floor screeding installation will provide much-improved cement dispersion and a more uniform compressive strength.

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Interior Screed Ltd

Interior Screed Ltd are one of only an elite number of floor screeding providers in the UK capable of providing both Site & Pre-Mixed Screeds Nationwide since 2010

We carry 25+ directly employed screed installers and we are 100% CSCS Skill Card Compliant (Construction Skill Certification Scheme)

Interior Screed Ltd have successfully installed over 100,000,000 m2 of floor screeding throughout the UK

Our floor screeding portfolio is expansive, we have so far carried out over 19000 separate installations Nationally

We are CHAS (Construction Health and Safety Scheme) Accredited and are Approved by Constructionline (Reg No: 164407)

We are insured up to: £10,000,000 Employers Liability / £2,000,000 Public Liability

Interior Screed Ltd are a Tarmac CRH Partner Company

All our computer controlled pre-mixed, factory batched floor screeds carry a direct manufacturer guarantee

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